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Article - IBU Youth & Junior World Championship Biathlon 2020


The Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide is hosting the first big biathlon event in Switzerland – the IBU Youth & Junior World Championships Biathlon – from 23 January to 2 February 2020. Talented national and international young athletes will compete in Lenzerheide in 16 different competitions and will battle for the world championship title. 

Biathlon is mesmerising. The athlete who wins has to be a master of both cross-country skiing and shooting – but it’s the shooting that’s the deciding factor between victory and defeat. It changes the ranking in each round and creates a show, drama and dreams, making the sport so fascinating for spectators. Be there to see the young athletes become talented stars and go to sleep dreaming of what it’s like to be a professional. At the place where talented athletes become stars – the HOME OF THE SHOOTING STARS!

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You can secure your Day Ticket, Weekend Pass or VIP Ticket in the shop from 1 September 2019. 

Good to know – we donate part of our ticket sales to the development of talented up-and-coming biathletes.  

2 Swiss Junior World Champions in 2019
The IBU Youth & Junior World Championships Biathlon took place in Osrblie (SVK) at the end of January 2019. The Swiss athletes came up trumps. Amy Baserga and Niklas Hartweg took the top spot on the podium, snapping up the Junior World Championships title. Amy Baserga then also went on to win the silver medal in the sprint. The three medals have a historical significance for Swiss sporting history, as this was the first time that Swiss biathletes had won three medals in the Youth and Junior World Championships at the same time.